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Iby motors

Created by Mr. Ibrahim Hissein Bourma, a young Chadian trader and car enthusiast from the earliest age.

Iby Motors imports all automobile brands in Chad. We import vehicles of all ranges from the Japanese makers Nissan and Toyota, Korean makers Kia and Hyundai, as well as German makers Mercedes and BMW. Iby Motors is the largest garage in Chad, offering its customers the best guarantees, earning it the trust of administrations and public authorities, oil companies, and individuals.

Iby Motors is not content to just import cars with the best quality/price ratio. We also ensure car maintenance, precisely following manufacturer requirements and providing effective monitoring through advice from professionals in the sector. We support car repair directly in our workshops, a modern garage with the latest technology. In fact, our tooling is at the same level of professionalism as our mechanics and technicians - the best there is.

This perfect mastery of our business allows us to offer automobile tuning and preparation for the vast majority of vehicles. Bodywork elements, custom painting, and mechanics that are optimized or adapted to specific needs are all part of Iby Motors' skills.

Importing, maintaining, repairing, and improving cars are services that we make available to you, as a result of perfectly proven logistics based on the professionalism of all the stakeholders in the long chain that made Iby Motors famous.

Our services

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Importing vehicles
of all brands
Repair Maintenance


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